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Post  Sondre Grande on Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:54 pm

Hi workers and readers!

On our newspaper and our forum, we have some rules.
Please take the time to read this, before you start on!

Our Rules

1. You must write in English (No German at the moment)

2. You must have experience with writing stories, articles, taking screenies and posting on forums.

3. Dont register without telling us who you are in Join us.

4. Be polite.

5. Contact a Admin if you got problems with other Journalists.

If you violate against the rules you will be kicked out of our newspaper.
We are also able to lock your IP-Adress to make sure you cant visit the Forum anymore.

If you follow the rules you will have a good time.

Sondre Grande
Sondre Grande

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